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Jasmine Mall II

Jasmine Mall Bahria Town is a name of residential colony that is known to give its residents a well equipped society and it never lacks back in providing every possible facility to its residents. Now Bahria Town’s management has given an opportunity to Q Links to bring another big shopping mall here in Bahria Town […]

Ramadan and Muslims

Ramadan and Muslims We all are well aware of the Holy Month Of Ramadan, we as a Muslim community knows this month brings endless blessings and happiness. Ramadan is not just about fasting but it brings us how to be patient, how to improve our behaviors and above all how to be a better human […]

A Corporate Dinner by Mohalla Team

Mohalla Team Visits Food Street! Teamwork & Intelligence Win Championships “Good food and corporate conversations are the fondest memories of a dinner party” ”So many business ideas are made with a mindful over a good meal” and it only works in the business favor. Business is no doubt a very sensitive occasion but keeping your […]

Why Mohalla

Why Mohalla? We all know that million of websites exist and everyone is in race of making themselves unique and different, well millions of people wish to see something different and eye catching, something that is worth watching so here we are Mohalla.pk Mohalla.pk is not just a website it is more like a family […]

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