Mohalla is the collaboration hub that brings people of community closer.


Who we are:

We live by our mission and always wants to improve people’s social life with our company Mohalla. We are building a platform we always believe in as well a strong diverse team who aims for the betterment of their community and support each other in the process.

Our Vision & Mission:


To bring the closed community together, to re-instill that sense of connectivity, to help consumers know the businesses in their community with ease, and to promote positive work relationships within the neighborhood.


Mohalla has been established to provide the residents of a neighborhood easy and refined access to the services available near them. We wish to promote healthy and long-term professional relationships between the consumers and the service providers. We aim to open new venues for businesses and promote the household industry. Ultimately, we wish to strengthen community bond.


Mohalla Values:

Our main focus is on the user, whether it’s the Mohalla member, or a visitor trying to find your business.
Power To People
The purpose of Mohalla is to give the residents of a town complete access to the services in their vicinity. In achieving that, we are here to assist as best as we can.
Customer Centered
We believe in providing complete information, and serving our customers, and sellers.
Our aim is to serve the people with a great standard of honesty, and diligence.
Long-Term Relationships
We aim to establish long-lasting working relationships between the suppliers, residents and community as a whole.
Promoting the concept of a close-knit community, our ultimate goal is to bring the residents, suppliers and the whole Mohalla together.